A selfie taken by Paul van Jaarsveld after a diveHow it started

Since I moved to Jeffreys Bay in early 2006, the ocean has become a constant force in my life. (I can actually hear it roar outside as I am typing this.) These days, apart from building and maintaining websites for other people and spending time with my family, I also spend a lot of time in and around the ocean.

My first SCUBA dives, apart from playing in a pool in Bloemfontein many years ago, were done here in Jeffreys Bay with Jacques Alberts and African Waters Scuba. With African Waters Scuba, I did a couple of courses including PADI Open Water, Nitrox (enriched air) and Advanced Open Water with many dives in this particular area.

Why SCUBA dive in Jeffreys Bay and St. Francis Bay?

Jeffreys Bay and St. Francis has incredible underwater beauty and diversity, and I am excited to discover this area and also to share this with others.

When Jacques sold his equipment and pursued ventures with overseas dive charters, I did not have the means to do local SCUBA dives anymore.

Like myself, several local and visiting divers were frustrated because they could not dive any more. After some years of talking and gathering equipment, with the support of Jaques Alberts and the local and holiday dive community, we started to do some dives again.

Why would you want to dive with me?
For starters, nobody else is doing it, and I've put in the time, money and effort to equip myself to be able to do it. After spending more than 10 years in and around the ocean of Jeffreys Bay and St. Francis Bay on a near daily basis, I know the area very well.

I am a proud member of Station 37 NSRI (National Sea Rescue Institute), who I joined back in 2014. I really love serving in the NSRI. Having purpose and being useful was one of the main reasons why I joined. The fact that I could do all this in and around the ocean just sealed the deal for me. My only regret was that I did not join sooner!

What I did not bargain on, is the fact that the stringent and intense training regime of the NSRI helps me to remain medically current and physically able to do maritime operations. I currently hold a Cat B Skippers Ticket (40nm) with Surf launch, Rescue and Dive endorsements (Class 3 Coxswain) as well as a Maritime Emergency Care Certificate (First aid with maritime focus). The NSRI entrusts me and the other Coxswains on station to launch various rescue vessels through the surf from Main Beach Jeffreys Bay. This is the same beach you will launch from if you dive Jeffreys Bay. I also own a small yacht in Port St. Francis and am a member of the St. Francis Ski Boat and Yacht Club.

What are you waiting for? Let's go diving! J-Bay SCUBA diving.

Contact me over here if you have any questions, comments or corrections: Contact Form.

Please note:

I can't guarantee visibility or the weather, but will endeavour to choose the best conditions. If you booked a dive and don't show then you will still be liable to pay for the dive. If I cancel the dive because of bad weather, you will get the credit to use on another dive. Air fill service available at R 100 per air fill. I can provide a DM / Dive buddy if you don't have one at an additional R 350. See full Rates