Did you ever wonder what it's  like to dive the Jeffreys Bay area?

Jeffreys Bay Scuba Diving offers a Dive Charter, Gear rental and Air Fill service operating in the Jeffreys Bay and St. Francis area.

The underwater topography of Jeffreys Bay offers pristine, uncharted and undiscovered temperate reef based on volcanic rock with sand patches. These create gullies and walls, and make for interesting diving. Very few people get to SCUBA dive these waters and it will probably be unlike anything you've dived before. You are in for a treat. Keep your eyes wide open, you may even spot or photograph a new species! Expect to see ragged tooth sharks (very mellow), blue spotted rays, yellow belly rock cod and various local fish species, as well as hard coral, soft coral, sponges, cuttlefish, nudibranchs, flatworms and many more.