Shark Point Pinnacle is close to the first rocky outcrop that you will encounter when turning right after heading out of Port St. Francis. The top of the pinnacle starts at a depth of 28 m and drops down to 47m. At a depth of 33m the pinnacle flattens out and forms a nice big reef which drops down again to 37m, with another drop to the bottom. Huge white brain corals, brittle stars, fans etc. on the top parts of this reef. In a southern direction. Once you leave the pinnacle section of the reef a wall awaits you that is approximately 12m high and very wide. Schools of Cape Salmon have been found on this reef. Heading closer to shore, there are also a couple of undocumented wrecks of smaller vessels.

We would like to dive these spots more, and hope to update photos soon.

Please note:

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