These are some of the photos taken and dive logs written mostly by myself or Jacques Alberts who operated in Jeffreys Bay under the African Waters Scuba brand since 2011. Jacques introduced me to SCUBA diving, and taught me everthing about diving. I include these photos and stories here, so that you can get an idea of what it looks like underwater in our area.

During Easter weekend the weather didn't play along and we only managed to do 2 launches in JBay. On Saturday the water temp dropped to between 11 and 9 degrees with about 2 to 3m viz. On the surface there were loads of activity with a few whales and dolphins, birds dropping like "kamakazi pilots" into the bait balls and our highlight was a huge sunfish at the surface.

On Sunday we sneaked in another launch although the westerly was blowing lightly. The rain that kept falling made it quite interesting for the 4 ladies on the boat who went along for the ride. Luckily Cobus brought 3 little flasks of "hanepoot" but by the time the divers surfaces they were all alomst finished thanks to Nellie!!

No one had a camera at hand so no pics this time, sorry. Thanks to Buks from ADG and Simon from the UK for their visit.


Rather late than never. Due to a crash in our systems and complete loss of all data we are somewhat behind with all our web site postings. Here are a few pics that Geo took while diving with us in Jbay.

To view more of Geo’s work or to order prints, please visit his webpage,

Getting ready to dropOn the last day of 2011 we once again opted to visit Little Chelsea and we were greeted by warm clean waters. Rob (73 years of age) joined us on the dive, which made things a little more interesting and humorous than usual (As if it can get more interesting and funny with African Waters Scuba) Paul tagged along with a wide angle setup, and took lots of photos during of the dive.

After searching for a long time we found the caves opposite Kabeljous river. At 12 to 14m deep a nice long dive can be experienced on this reef. Due to it being in the bay viz is not always as great but there is so much fish life. The actual caves were found to be washouts under the reef in the gulleys. Loads of juvenile fish and big fish on this reef. A nice sized Raggie and other sharks were spotted here. The usual anemone etc also found here. Here are some pics...

thumb_DSC_7600What better way to spend the second last day of 2012, but diving. We went to Little Chelsea (A spot we ended up visiting lots of times) and there were lots of interesting things to see including some sharks and plenty catfish. The good viz prevailed and water temp was between 19 and 22 degrees througout the dive. Here are a few snapshots of the dive.

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I can't guarantee visibility or the weather, but will endeavour to choose the best conditions. If you booked a dive and don't show then you will still be liable to pay for the dive. If I cancel the dive because of bad weather, you will get the credit to use on another dive. Air fill service available at R 100 per air fill. I can provide a DM / Dive buddy if you don't have one at an additional R 350. See full Rates