On Saturday we were on our way to dive Geelbek Rock Reef when our GPS couldn't communicate with the satellite and we decided to look for something new! What an excellent new piece of reef we found!

 A description of "Moon Rock Reef" can be found under the menu reefs, advanced reefs. Such a variety of life on this reef that its hard to describe everything. We found octopus, nudi's, brittle stars, sea stars, squirts, corals, sponges and so much more. The water temp on the reef was 14 deg but we had about 10m viz at the bottom and almost top to bottom. Here are some pics of our dive...




Please note:

I can't guarantee visibility or the weather, but will endeavour to choose the best conditions. If you booked a dive and don't show then you will still be liable to pay for the dive. If I cancel the dive because of bad weather, you will get the credit to use on another dive. Air fill service available at R 100 per air fill. I can provide a DM / Dive buddy if you don't have one at an additional R 350. See full Rates